Michele graduated from Midwest Academy of Healing Arts in 2005. She loves to learn new modalities to make her clients feel amazing and has taken additional courses in Thai massage, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, a variety of deep tissue techniques and, of course, Bamboo-Fusion massage.
Michele loves doing Bamboo-Fusion massage almost as much as her clients like receiving it. Bamboo massage allows her to do deeper work on clients who don't enjoy the intensity of traditional deep tissue techniques. And for those who love pressure, bamboo can deliver more than hands alone without the "poky" feel of thumbs or elbows. She knows that Bamboo-Fusion will allow her to do the work she loves, with the pressure her clients love, for many years to come.
After years of loving bamboo massage, Michele contacted Bamboo-Fusion creator Nathalie Cecilia to see if she could help bring this thumb-saving modality to other therapists. She can't wait to help other massage therapists please their clients and extend their careers with bamboo!
If you have any questions about learning Bamboo-Fusion, contact Michele.

About the instructor

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